Bleaching and Dying Your Extensions

Sep 21 , 2019

Her Highness The Hair Queen

Bleaching and Dying Your Extensions

Always make sure when you are dying your hair you keep it within 2 shades of the extensions.

We have received many a lot of pleasing feedback stories from our customers after bleaching and dying from bright reds, greens, blue, to ombres, balayage and highlights. However, there is a lot at play when dying hair which might give you undesired results.


We usually don’t recommend hair bleaching unless done by a professional, hence we offer our hair in different colours - SEE GALLERY.

Note that, because our hair is of premium quality, ethically collected and without any chemicals, dyes that may work on one person, may not work on you due to the genetic composition of the person from whom the hair was collected (the same way dyes work on our natural hair). Type of dye or bleach too determines whether it will work or not.