Hair care

Sep 21 , 2019

Her Highness The Hair Queen

Hair care

Hair maintenance:

Girl, because our hair is a premium quality, you can heat style it, blow-dry, curl and straighten it without worrying that it won’t go back to its original state. You can treat your Queen Diva hair as you would your own, however, if not maintained properly, just like your natural hair would, it will frail.

Golden Commandments

  1. Always use a heat styling, shine protection spray before applying curling and straightening irons.
  2. Heat style at least 2 Wefts at one time this cushions your hair from intense heat when curling or straightening, minimizing the risk of damage to your hair.

In the event that your hair is damaged, we recommend that you trim the ends, just like your own hair, this lengthens the hair’s life span.